Stress Relax Product list

No. Product name Country of Origin Note
1 Chamomile Dry Ext. France
2 Cultavit® V 200 GF Buckwheat seed complex powder V200 GF 奧地利
3 Panmol®-B-Complex 120 / US100 (Natural Quinoa Powder contains Vitamin B) Austria
4 Lemon Balm Dry Ext. France
5 Coral Calcium Japan
6 Eggshell Powder Spain
7 Lithothamnium Calcareum 25μ France
8 Oyster Shell Calcinated Japan / China
9 Oyster Shell Powder USA
10 Panmol® NADH micro Austria 1 kg
11 γ-Oryzanol Japan
12 Pearl Powder Taiwan
13 Passion Flower Dry Ext. 法國
14 Ziziphus Ext. 中國
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