Plant Extracts Product list

No. Product name Country of Origin Note
1 Artichoke Ext. France
2 Acerola Powder Dry Ext. France
3 Amla Ext. India
4 Astragali Ext. China
5 Bilberry Ext. Finland / China
6 Bitter Melon Ext. India
7 Cassia Occidentalis Ext. China
8 Cat's Claw Ext. China
9 Chamomile Dry Ext. France
10 Chaste Tree Berries Dry Ext. France
11 Cinnamon Ext. India
12 Cistanche Ext. China
13 Citrus Ext.(contains Citrus Bioflavonoids) Spain
14 Cranberry Ext. USA / France
15 Dandelion Extract China
16 Dan-Shen Ext. China
17 Echinacea Purpurea Dry Ext. France
18 Elderberry Fruit Powdered Ext. France
19 ElderMune® Elderberry Extract 3% Plyphenols USA
20 Eyebright Ext. China
21 Garcinia Cambogia Ext. India
22 Garcinia Cambogia Ext. (Water Soluble) India
23 Garlic Ext. Japan
24 Grape Seed Ext. China
25 Grape Skin Ext. China
26 Green Coffee Ext. India
27 Green Papaya Ext. Taiwan
28 Green Tea Dry Decaffeinated Extract/Phospholipids 義大利
29 Hawthorn Ext. China
30 Hibiscus Flower Dry Ext. France
31 Lemon Balm Dry Ext. France
32 Maca PE Peru
33 Notoginseng Ext. China
34 Pumpkin Seed Ext. China
35 Red Clover Ext. China
36 Rhodiola Ext.  China
37 Siberian Ginseng Ext. 中國
38 Semen Cassiae Ext. 中國
39 S7 (Natural Plant Extract) 美國
40 Soybean Ext.(contains Isoflavones) USA / China
41 White Kwao Krua Ext. China
42 Wild Yam Ext.(Dioscoreae Rhizoma Ext.) China
43 Yucca Ext. USA
44 Passion Flower Dry Ext. 法國
45 Heartleaf Houttuynia Ext. 中國
46 Grape Skin Ext. 中國
47 Ziziphus Ext. 中國
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