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Liposomax™ liposomal vitamin C/D3/B complex/glutathione
Origin: USA | Manufacturer: One Innovation
  • Made in USA
  • Focus on liposome technology
  • Well-known brand NOW uses
  • Liposome resembles the structure of cell membranes (phospholipid bilayer)
  • TEM confirmation of liposomal structure
  • Advanced manufacturing、Stable powder
PureWay-C™ A new form of Vitamin C
Origin: USA | Manufacturer: One Innovation
  • High absorption (233% higher than ascorbic acid).
  • Contains citrus bioflavonoids to protect vitamin C from being destroyed.
  • Exclusive Vitamin C Lipid Metabolite Formula
  • More stable and high quality.
  • GRAS、Kosher、Halal certification.
Eldermune® Elderberry Fruit Powdered Extract 65:1
Origin: USA | Manufacturer: NutriScience
  • High concentration ratio of 65:1
  • Exclusive patented drying process (Infrared & low temperature)
  • Tru-ID® verified as authentic. (Sambucus nigra)
  • The synergistic combination of Elderberry and Sunfiber® improves digestibility.
  • Suitable for tablets, capsules, sachets, gummies, etc.
OptiLut® Marigold Extract(Lutein 20%: Zeaxanthin 4%)
Origin: USA | Manufacturer: NutriScience
  • A leading global supplier of nutritional food ingredients in the USA.
  • Contains both 20% lutein and 4% zeaxanthin.
  • Non-GMO & Complete traceability to the Marigold seeds.
  • The best selling lutein ingredients in iHerb®.
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