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VivoMega™ Fish Oil EPA+DHA 80%
Origin: Norway | Manufacturer: GC RIEBER
  • GC Rieber is a leading global producer of rTG form Omega-3 fish oil
  • Exceed international standards, such as the GOED monograph and IFOS 5-star
  • VivoMega™ has the lowest environmental toxin limits in the world, also with world-class oxidation parameters
  • Proprietary processes, including enzymatic up concentrating and advanced thin-film technology
  • Solvent-free, with great taste, flavor and color
  • VivoMega™ portfolio of oils offers a wide range of EPA and DHA ratios
VIVOMEGA™ Algae Oils
Origin: Norway | Manufacturer: GC RIEBER
  • VivoMega aims to deliver the best quality algae oil to customers globally
  • High concentrate DHA algal oil (70% DHA)
  • Excellent taste and smell
  • Market leading freshness with low TOTOX
  • Exceeding the international industry requirements(GOED/IFOS)
  • Unique Superlight Processing: low exposure to heat and oxygen
  • Vegan Omega-3 from microalgae
Immuna™Shiitake Mushroom Extract
Origin: Norway | Manufacturer: GlycaNova
  • 3-dimensional helical shape, high bioavailability.
  • Exclusive patented process, free from pesticides, solvents, or other toxicants.
  • GRAS approved, as determined by an Expert Panel.
  • Supported by multiple experiments and international journals.
  • Used by World-renowned company Unilever.
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