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Origin: Japan | Manufacturer: Omnica Co.Ltd.
  • 日本研究專利
  • 含奇異果的獨門瘦身關鍵因子KPC
  • 抑制脂肪酶,不改變飲食和生活型態即可瘦身
  • 有效增加排便量、排油量
  • 多項人體實驗,無副作用
  • 奇異果300倍四階段濃縮技術
SOD-LIKE™ Plant Fermentation Extract Powder (Natural Antioxidant)
Origin: Japan
  • Origin: Japan
  • High-activity SOD Like content: Contains over 25,000 units of superoxide dismutase (SOD)-like activity per gram.
  • Natural antioxidants source: Includes vitamin E from wheat germ and barley, catechins from green tea, isoflavones from soy, vitamin C, dimerumic acid from fermentation of Aspergillus Oryzae, and various trace minerals.
  • Benefits: Fights against free radical damage, slows down aging, improves skin, reduces inflammation, boosts vitality, and combats glycation (AGEs).
  • Ingredient source: Non-genetically modified ingredients, no chemical solvents, 100% pure natural, suitable for vegans.
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